A visceral evening of live music…

Hey friends,

Soo… Last night I went to one of the best live performances that I have experienced so far. 2 hours of a visceral roller coaster of emotions, from being on the verge of tears to waves of nostalgia to sudden feels of motivation and drive.

Last night a few friends and I braved the elements to go out and see Nils Frahm at the Sage in Gateshead. It was an incredible evening of fantastic sounds (the lights weren’t so bad either). Not only was it emotionally exhilarating, but it also was rhythmically, harmonically and melodically out of this world.

The impact of the performance on me has already been insane, even though I am still in shock. Already it has been such a huge influence and has given me drive I needed to focus more on live music and creating even better studio material. Despite it being just one man, he made it sound like a whole orchestra (very fitting to the venue). A massive dynamic range between soft piano and hard pumping polyrhythmic sections. Never was there a moment where it was boring. Suddenly, Nils picked up the microphone and announced there was one last song. All I could think of is how fast it went, it seemed over too soon.

Favourite tracks for me:

  • “My Friend the Forest” – Beautiful Jazziness
  • “All Melody” – Amazing electronic sounds that still sounds outstanding despite the music hall fitting the sound of the piano better, yet still everything was clear.
  • “Says” – A Nils Frahm classic. As he said the perfect crescendo before the encore.

Would highly recommend picking up and listening to All Melody if you have the chance. Also, to see him live whenever he visits a town near you.

Thank you dearly, Nils and your team.

– Stuart

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