“Poor piano gets hit with a stick”…

Hey friends,

Yesterday I got myself into the studio at Middlesbrough College to do some experimental stuff… Hitting a really expensive piano with a mallet as part of one of my third-year university modules. Had real good fun setting up some ribbon mics and experimenting with which part of the piano produced the most interesting sounds. I thought I would put together a short video of some of the cool sounds that were captured so that you can hear for yourself and maybe inspire you to go and abuse some pianos (and other instruments) yourself.

Other updates:

I know… I haven’t released any material recently… And soon we will be approaching the one-year anniversary of MOTS (Marks On The Surface). But, I promise I have some new sonic works for you coming soon. Since December I have sitting on the final masters for album two, EOH (I’ll let you guys guess what you think the initials stand for), I’m just waiting for other things to be sorted out like the graphics, sneaky surprises and maybe even a music video or two. As well as this LP I have some other pieces of music and will commence work on a third LP or just singles.

You guys will have to tell me what you think of this. Yes, the power is in your hands. For a while, I’ve been thinking about and planning doing a live stream every now and then which would consist of some things like making soundscapes, messing around with software and hardware devices, giving tutorials and maybe like a question and answer sorta deal. I am personally excited to give it a go. What do you think? Leave a comment below…

– Stuart